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an advocate or champion for a particular cause or idea

My Pocket CEO is thrilled to collaborate with other business and thought leaders. The Protagonist Network is a group of business professionals who understand that the frontier of business is in mindfulness and conscious leadership. These professionals understand that kindness applied skillfully to your work delivers fierce results. When mindfulness and inner growth are prioritized first and converted into organizational effectiveness your business and humanity wins.
Caryn Mefford headshot

Caryn Mefford – Founder of My Pocket CEO

Chief Empowerment Officer
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Michelle Motley headshot

Michelle Motley – Founder of Source Juicery

Innovation Specialist & Millenial/Gen Z Empowerment Officer
Meet Michelle Here:

Steve Hartman headshot

Steve Hartman – Owner of Creativille

Designer, Artist -Chief Humanity through Aesthetic Officer
Meet Steve Here:

Rachel Gierich headshot

Rachel Gierich – Owner/Lead Photographer at Rachel Gierich Photography

Master of the Lens
Meet Rachel Here:

Laura Burkey headshot

Laura Burkey -Thought & Behavior Coach

Mindset Master
Meet Laura Here:

Kate Allaria headshot

Kate Allaria – President of Zeal Marketing & Consulting

Leader in Transformation
Meet Kate Here:

Chad M. Opel headshot

Chad M. Opel – Senior Wealth Management Advisor

Ambassador of Fierce Generosity
Meet Chad Here:

Kathie Opel headshot

Kathie Opel – Partner Weinheimer Opel Law Firm

Mastermind of Integrity
Meet Kathie Here:

Theresa Hertling headshot

Theresa Hertling – Co-Founder at Dravallo, A Creative Agency

Builders & Creators of Leading Web Presences
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“Caryn Mefford has been an important advisor and coach throughout my professional life. She’s expertly mentored me through milestones and promotions, and empowered me to advocate for myself as I grow in my career. Caryn is intuitive and has tremendous talent in identifying and celebrating talents and strengths. During a recent job search, I worked with Caryn to hone in on my professional goals and priorities, and evaluate potential new roles. She equipped me with the tools to clearly communicate my background and skillset, and accentuate ways they aligned with the job description. I entered the process feeling confident in not only my resume, but myself as a candidate, and am now happy in an exciting and fulfilling new role. I highly recommend Caryn as a coach to anyone considering a career change, exploring their skillset, growing their business, or expanding their network. I look forward to continuing my work with Caryn in the years to come, and throughout my career.”

– Jessica S.

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